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The JawClamp Therapy Device

The JawClamp was inspired from people suffering from limited mouth opening after oral cancer treatment. Common practice in the health industry is to stack tongue depressors to exercise the jaw muscles.  However, the use of tongue depressors is very awkward and eventually people get discouraged.

Current products in the market are expensive, cumbersome to use and in some cases they require extra accessories.  The JawClamp's simplicity and effectiveness of the design makes it a joy to use.

Take advantage of our 90 days money-back satisfaction program.  Try it out for yourself and consult with your physician to gain maximum benefits.


Using tongue depressors to exercise your jaw muscles is very awkward and eventually you get discouraged.  The JawClamp is your solution.

The most commonly used treatment is tongue depressors. These are stacked, forced and held between the teeth in an attempt to push the mouth open over time and mobilize the jaw.

Our Manufacturing Process

How are we able to sell at a much lower cost than our competitors?

  • Our “Build to order” manufacturing strategy eliminates the need for raw and finished goods inventory.
  • We eliminated the expensive process of manufacturing through plastic injection molding. Instead we use high grade industrial 3D printing technology.  Our innovative manufacturing process produce strong, high precision parts and is a proven way to produce quality parts at an affordable price.
  • Our product fulfillment and 3D printing technology enable us to produce highly customizable designs with exact specifications.  This adds to more efficient use of labour, better quality control, more room for innovation and better resilience to failures.
  • Our confidence in our product, our manufacturing strategy and strict quality control guide lines enable us to provide a one (1) year warranty on our products - unheard in the health care sector.
  • Our product sells directly to end users.  This means the retail price does not go up the average 4 or 5 times the manufacturer’s cost.
  • We drastically cut down on flashy and bulky packaging.  Keeping it simple, saves you money and it's good for our environment.

Overall, by keeping our manufacturing process and logistic infrastructure model simple, we drastically cut down our operating cost, passing the savings on to you.

JawClamp - Patent US9867753B2 - 2018. All Rights Reserved

JawClamp - Patent US9867753B2 - 2018. All Rights Reserved