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JawClamp is a jaw exerciser that provides passive motion therapy to treat trismus or lockjaw.I'm Alex Garay and I'm a head and neck cancer survivor 2005. Due to my radiation treatment I suffered severe damage to my jaw connecting muscles - I could only open my mouth about 6 mm. My doctors’ advice was to exercise my jaw muscles by using tongue depressors.  However, due to the lack of saliva and the dryness of my mouth made tongue depressors extremely uncomfortable to use.  They stick to your lips, tongue and they slip out when you stack them together to increase your stretch.  It became a challenge to exercise consistently and eventually I got discouraged and stopped exercising.

I searched the internet for products that could replace tongue depressors and I found two or three in the market. However, they are expensive, bulky, cumbersome to use and carry and in some cases they require extra accessories.  This is why I came up with this handy little product that I called the JawClamp.

I am confident in saying that the JawClamp works. I use it every day and it has tremendously improved my range of jaw motion. The average sustainable gain in jaw opening is around 1.0 mm per week if  you exercise about 5 times per day.  The simplicity and effectiveness of the design makes it a joy to use. But don’t just take my word for it, try it out for yourself and take advantage of the 90 day money-back satisfaction program. It also carries a one (1) year warranty on parts and labour - unheard in the health care sector.


JawClamp - Patent US9867753B2 - 2018. All Rights Reserved

JawClamp - Patent US9867753B2 - 2018. All Rights Reserved